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Global Freight Shipping Laws

Whilst there are broad legal shipping principles and regulations that cover international trade, there are also differences from country to country who have implemented their own procedures for the import and export of cargo. Whether it is regarding security, supporting documentation or specific rules of compliance you have to ensure that you fulfil all the

Clearance Procedure of Imported Goods

To import goods from outside of the EU you need to ensure that they are cleared at the port of entry. This involves the submission of a customs declaration, payment of any outstanding duties and taxes and presentation of any required documentation to the relevant government or port departments. The clearance procedure ends in a

A Beginner’s Guide to Importing

There is a wealth of business opportunities for UK companies and individuals to source their products from overseas, whether from Europe or from countries outside of the European Union. Whilst the procedure for importing from Europe as it stands is much more straightforward there are a number of import formalities that need to be considered

Customs Clearance Documents Required for Importing and Exporting

Whether you are importing or exporting it is imperative to have the right paperwork in place whilst transporting cargo. Time is money and the last thing you want to happen is problems with your shipments! Missing or inaccurate documents can lead to delays and extra costs, or even prevent a shipment from arriving at all.

Breakdown of Clearing and Forwarding Charges

Your importing and exporting business may use one or multiple means of transporting your goods from one country to another. When considering the various options it’s always best to determine what option is most suitable for your cargo depending on the nature of the commodity, the routing, cost and also timescales for delivery. Ocean Freight

Exporting From the UK

Expansion into international markets can offer huge opportunities for UK businesses. Finding and developing new supply chain exportation routes for products is truly a fantastic avenue for business expansion. Companies around the world may be looking for a wide variety of goods that is in turn exactly what you are offering. Trading internationally is very

Differences Between Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers

Traditionally there are some differences between freight forwarders and brokers but often the roles of the two are interchangeable and adapted to suit the bespoke needs of the client. For many importers and exporters the more important of the two categories when transporting goods is freight forwarding, although this can vary from business to business.

How Customs Clearance Charges Work?

When importing goods from outside the EU you will have to pay duties and taxes to UK Customs in order to have your goods released into the country, it’s the cost of doing business. If you decide to become an importer there are a number of things you will have to consider, this may range

What does a Freight Forwarder do and do you need one?

With an ever-expanding global economy, the import and export of goods and services is becoming a central part of modern business. However, navigating the ins and outs of this ever-changing market can be a challenge for companies looking to expand into the global venue. That is where a freight forwarder comes in.   What is

GWT Import and Export Specialists Granted full AEO Status

GWT Import & Export Specialists Ltd application for AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status was approved on 11/11/2016.  An AEO is an economic operator who is considered to be reliable in their customs related operations throughout the European Union.  Full AEO authorisation was granted.  This internationally recognised  quality mark granted to GWT indicates that their role in the