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Specialist Documentation

International shipments must not only be moved safely and efficiently, but also comply with the documentary requirements for both countries of import and export.

We can help ensure that your shipments are accompanied by the right paperwork to avoid unnecessary customs and port delays.

With decades of experience in overseeing all types of different shipments, we know exactly what documents are required. We complete advance checks on commercial documentation and oversee completion of bills of lading as well as any other required legal or transit paperwork.

We are members of both the British international Freight association and the Chamber of Commerce, and can complete the necessary documentation on your behalf whether it be:

BIlls of Lading

Certificates of Origin (EU & Arab)

EUR1 Certificates


Arab legalisation

Common Veterinary Entry Documents (CVED)

Common Entry Document (CED)


We can also work closely with you to ensure that you have the correct preference documents in place were reduced levels of duty may be available, as well as overseeing the documentary requirements for products that may be subject to additional port authority controls.


We recognise that every customer has different needs and levels of experience. Whether you are new to the import and export process or whether you have already been involved in import and export, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise to coordinate the most suitable movement of your cargo.


Please contact 01924 377117 to discuss your requirements or email info@gwtimpex.co.uk

“GWT process and complete our Arab documentation and legalisation which removes a burden and allows us to concentrate on the sales effort”

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