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A Beginner’s Guide to Importing

There is a wealth of business opportunities for UK companies and individuals to source their products from overseas, whether from Europe or from countries outside of the European Union. Whilst the procedure for importing from Europe as it stands is much more straightforward there are a number of import formalities that need to be considered

Difference between FCL and LCL When Shipping Cargo

There are various modes of transport that can be utilized to ship cargo across international borders. It is important for the importer or exporter to select the most suitable method and routing depending upon the size of the shipment, cost and how urgent delivery of cargo is required. There is also so much terminology encompassing

Breakdown of Clearing and Forwarding Charges

Your importing and exporting business may use one or multiple means of transporting your goods from one country to another. When considering the various options it’s always best to determine what option is most suitable for your cargo depending on the nature of the commodity, the routing, cost and also timescales for delivery. Ocean Freight

Why Hire A Freight Forwarding Company?

Hiring a Freight Forwarding company can allow your business to focus on what you are good at knowing your goods are safe and well looked after. Importing and exporting are essential components of many businesses and more and more companies are looking to expand their business outside of the UK. International shipping could present brilliant