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Customs Clearance Services

HMRC AEO certified Customs Clearance services
at all major UK ports

GWT have direct electronic links to HMRC and provide reliable and efficient customs clearance services at all major UK ports. We can make sure that your goods are classified and entered correctly and that they are cleared and available for delivery as soon as possible.

We are an experienced and dedicated team and the chosen customs clearance agent for many leading UK companies.

GWT offer expedited Customs Clearance for the following ports:

Felixstowe | Southampton | Liverpool | London Gateway | Tilbury | Immingham | Hull | Bristol | Teesport

Customs Clearance Services

We provide comprehensive advice on the customs process, commodity codes, preferences and relevant duty levels. We will let you know what documents are needed and ensure that the goods are cleared as smoothly as possible.

As a fully authorised AEO (Approved Economic Operator), we have been granted an international mark of quality after demonstrating our secure role in the supply chain with our excellent customs controls and procedures.

We also offer full post landing services, where we will contact your designated delivery point and arrange all transport on your behalf. This involves liaising closely with the shipping lines and delivery points to ensure that the goods reach the required destination as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This is where we really pride ourselves on the extra personal touch and dedication to service.

Services Include:

  • Customs clearance at all major UK ports including Felixstowe, Southampton, Liverpool, London Gateway and Teesport
  • Air Freight clearance at London Heathrow, Manchester, East Midlands and Leeds Bradford
  • Direct electronic links to HMRC at the major ports
  • AEO certified Customs clearance services
  • Reliable and timely customs clearance services
  • Comprehensive advice on Customs procedures, Commodity Codes and Duty levels
  • Classification & Validation investigation
  • Regulatory updates and reporting
  • IPR/OPR Intra Trade Zone Declaration
  • Links to all major Ports, ICD’s, ERTS
  • CFSP
  • Port Health/Forestry commission release.
  • Adherence to relevant import regulations, directives and tariffs.
  • Duty Relief
  • Post Landing services including haulage.
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