GWT Import and Export Specialists Granted full AEO Status

Customs Clearance Services

GWT Import & Export Specialists Ltd application for AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status was approved on 11/11/2016.  An AEO is an economic operator who is considered to be reliable in their customs related operations throughout the European Union.  Full AEO authorisation was granted.  This internationally recognised  quality mark granted to GWT indicates that their role in the international supply chain is secure; their customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant; and can therefore be considered as a ‘secure’ trader and thus a reliable trading partner.

The introduction of AEO status is the EU’s response to the needs to secure international supply chains and the introduction of Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) in the USA and the development of Safe framework of standards in the World Customs Organisation (WCO).

This means for you:

  • Safe, secure and reliable movement of cargo throughout the supply chain
  • Only verified, trusted and reliable hauliers and freight companies used
  • Some shipments can be fast tracked through some safety and security procedures
  • Lower risk score- which is used to determine the frequency of customs physical and documentary checks
  • Accurate  customs activity, classification and value declaration to avoid possible Import Vat and duty discrepancies with non authorised traders.
  • Qualified to move your goods in temporary storage between different member states
  • Benefits from Mutual recognition agreements similar to AEO which recognises the approval in countries with similar standards and allows smoother transit of cargo