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Folkestone Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding Services

The Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal is a railway terminal that was built for the transport of road vehicles through the channel tunnel. This terminal is one of two, with the other terminal being the Eurotunnel Calais Terminal, which is in Coquelles near Calais. Specially constructed trains are used to move both passengers and freight vehicles from one terminal to the other.

As it operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, The Eurotunnel is an extremely efficient way to move freight between Europe and the UK. When this method of transport is used, goods can be moved across the channel in as little as 35 minutes with the average speed of the trains being at 140 km / hour. Using the Eurotunnel for moving freight means that driver’s benefit from a fast crossing and a significant amount of cost can be saved with less fuel being used.

GWT’s knowledge and experience with handling all matters of Customs Clearance, mean that we are able to offer all of our clients a first class customs clearance service. GWT can arrange UK customs clearance at the Folkestone Terminal to ensure that your goods are processed efficiently, meaning there is less room for any hold ups or delays. Customs entries are carefully created and transmitted before the goods have departed at the Calais Terminal so that the goods are cleared on arrival. The haulier also uses our entry to create the GMR number which allows them to make the Eurotunnel booking. We also take care to ensure all the information is entered as accurately as possible and that goods are classified correctly, this way our clients are less likely to run into issues with customs. The Eurotunnel operates using a system called Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) for freight moving across the border, to and from the UK. This system requires the entries and any other shipping documents for movements of freight to be prepared promptly, before the departure of the goods. The aim of this is to avoid any delays at border facilities.


GWT are CFSP authorised to allow registered importer’s cargo to depart straight through the terminal with no need for the entries MRN  to board. Instead of using the entries MRN number to create a booking, the haulier is able to simply tick the box for express EIDR departure. This means that the movement of goods is much smoother as there are no hold ups whilst waiting for documents or for queries to be resolved. The entry is then completed as a supplementary declaration after the goods have arrived, which must be completed before a deadline each month. Here at GWT, we are proud to be able to offer our clients this wonderful service that ensures cargo is moved efficiently and deadlines for goods can be met. 

However, some importers prefer how the standard clearance works. In this case we aim to turnaround all clearances within the hour. Whether your preferred method of clearance is the standard way or the fast-track clearance, we can ensure your customs entries are completed quickly and accurately so your goods arriving at the Folkestone Terminal are cleared promptly.

GWT offer expedited Customs Clearance for the following locations:

Felixstowe | Southampton | Liverpool | London Gateway | Tilbury | Immingham | Hull | Bristol | Teesport | Folkestone | Dover

  • Comprehensive Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding Services using the Eurotunnel service
  • Prompt Customs Clearance at the Eurotunnel’s Folkestone Terminal
  • GVMS customs entry specialist
  • Fast track/Express Lane cargo clearance 
  • Advice on what documents required
  •  Accurate classification and completion of customs entries
  • Completion of customs entries in advance of vessel departure
  • Entry completion within the hour or receipt
  • Guidance on customs method of payments, EORI Registration, Import Vat and Duty
  • Assistance for start-up companies who need help with the customs process.
  • Priority Shipping
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